Day 4 – Phnom Penh to Mondolkiri

Early start. Up at 6am, checked out of the guest house and a tuc tuc to the minibus. The route from Phnom Penh seems to be busy with lots of locals piling on this minibus with all kinds of boxes and packages to take with them. We are packed in tightly with no nook or cranny left spare.  Continue reading “Day 4 – Phnom Penh to Mondolkiri”


Day 4: Wadi Parwas

The fullness from the feast of the sacrificial goat meant I slept last night, however I was slightly on edge at some points, feeling rather vulnerable in my sleeping spot. On previous nights I had felt a little more enclosed with the camp, sleeping fairly close to the tents, and having varied terrain around us made me feel quite secluded. Tonight, however, there was a vast expanse of flat ground we had just walked through. The horizon was miles away and I felt very small in a big desert. On top of this, yesterday I had found a scorpion hole near the camp and decided to rummage around to see if I could find anything in there. I was told they waited until night to come out, when temperatures dropped. I wasn’t actually aware at the time that this is where we were about to make camp, so thought nothing of aggravating these guys. But as I closed my eyes I couldn’t help but slightly regret my decision to wind up the local critters. It didn’t bother me for long though, I was out like a light. In the early hours I was woken up sharply by a loud moaning sound very close to me. In my deliriously sleepy state I concluded this loud noise was a big animal. Probably a camel. Standing over my head. I flailed around a bit, but it was pitch black so I couldn’t see what was making this noise. I turned my torch on and realised nothing was there. We just had some loud snorers in the camp who were clearly also benefitting from the heaviness of the feast last night. This made me chuckle, and I was sure to tell Craig in the morning that I thought he was a camel!


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Day 3: The Sacrificial Goat

No day during this trek can be described as “ordinary”, but today was particularly extraordinary.

I woke up that morning feeling a little under the weather, probably just because I was tired from all the walking the previous day and the change in diet. A few cups of Jordanian tea sorted me out though. The tea is brewed over a fire, with a heaped handful of black tea leaves and equal parts sugar. The result is an extremely sweet liquid, which at first we requested was made a little less sweet, but quickly grew on us and we slurped around 10 cups a day each.

Screen Shot 2017-05-31 at 18.29.17


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Day 2: The West Side of the Desert

Today was nothing I expected and better than anything I could have imagined!

I feel rather stupid saying that I had no idea what to expect when coming to the desert. I didn’t even account for the fact that there would be sand everywhere. It didn’t cross my mind! I was so focussed on having an adventure that I never really considered what it would entail. Kind of a good thing though as my best efforts of planning would never have prepared me for today! (I mean this is the best way possible)


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Breaking My Boots In

12 days until leaving for Jordan and my feet still aren’t happy!

There’s not long left to go now, and I’m getting more and more excited! But I’ve got weedy feet that blister after half an hour in my boots. I’ve been trying to wear them in for a while now but they’re stubborn.

I just completed a beautiful 3.5 mile walk across the downs. It was a very easy walk but still my feet are playing up. I’m applying surgical spirit daily now to toughen them up because 3.5 miles is nothing compared to how far we will be walking daily in Jordan and it will be living hell to be in that much pain. Hopefully the situation improves soon.