Day 15: Battambang

We had a super packed day again today. It’s amazing how much you can fit in.
Up and out for breakfast where we bumped into a girl we had met yesterday on the journey from Siem Reap. After breakfast we headed back to the guesthouse for the trip. On the way we walked past the market and saw a line of monks, waiting to receive food rations from kind hearted stall holders. They have to go out each morning and rely on the kindness of others for their food.


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Day 14: Siem Reap to Battambang

Not much occurred today, just another travel day. We decided last minute that we wanted to come to Battambang. Last night we spoke about what we could do today and we didn’t just want to pay to fill the day with something we didn’t really want. I had been keen on coming to Battambang and wanted one last taste of rural Cambodia before heading to Thailand. We decided quite spur of the moment that we’d pack up and leave the next day. We just had to wait for our washing to be done and then we could go.

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Angkor Wat

We woke up at 4 and met our tuc tuc driver, Som, out the front of our guesthouse to head to Angkor Wat for sunrise. A surprising number of people were up at this time, some of them tourists and drivers doing the same as us, but there were also just groups of people having a chinwag on the side of the road. This city never sleeps, people are always working so hard, it’s admirable but I just hope it’s a choice, not just a necessity to get by.

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Day 7 – 12 hour bus to Sihanoukville

Ugh today was long. All day on a packed out minibus. We left at 6.30am, arrived at 6.30pm. Not much happened, but travelling around in close vicinity with strangers for hours on end leads to irritation at minute things. I’d like to think we coped well and laughed it all off though. It all adds up to make funny memories. Here they are:

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