Day 9 – Otres Beach

Otres beach would be paradise in the high season, with great weather and filled with people. Currently, however, it’s a very sleepy area with a beautiful beach that it practically unused and a healthy mosquito population. I look like I have small pox, and I’ve been saturating my skin with deet.

The beach is pretty underwhelming at the moment. If it were nice weather, then I’m sure the beach would be busier and stunningly beautiful. From the beach you can see a few small and foresty islands. Many companies offer tours and water sports. This place is a tourist destination, for those wanting a beach holiday it’s ideal. Beautiful beach, laid back atmosphere with lots of people smoking and dedicated chill out zones, but with water sports and activities for those who want it. The prices are all very cheap still, it’s got a bit of everything. But it could be anywhere really. It’s not really me.
I much rather the mountainous nature parks of Cambodia, the more remote areas which give a more intimate view of Cambodia. The village / farm life and beauty of the jungle are totally unique to Cambodia and left me with lifelong memories.

Nevertheless when the weather cleared up we walked along the beach, checked out the gardens and went on a little walk.

We didn’t really accomplish much, but we’re trying to take the positives from being here. It took a long old bus trip and us getting scammed by some drivers to get here. I don’t want that to be for nothing.

There were kids playing in the sea, jumping waves, and swings on the beach. We dipped our feet in the water and had a swing. The water was surprisingly warm, possibly even the warmest sea water I’ve felt. That must reflect how warm the sun is year round here.

There appear to be a lot of western expats here who run bars and guesthouses. It must be good work in the high season. Most of the work seems to have dried up now. The tuc tuc drivers are obviously quite desperate for work and shout “tuc tuc?” at you every chance they get, even more than usual. This does get on your nerves when you’re trying to have a conversation and you’re interrupted every 3 seconds.

We went out for a nice quiet dinner. The Cambodian food isn’t great in this area, it’s better to get western food, but it’s still nice to eat. It’s raining a bit so I don’t mind heavier food.

We’ve booked our bus trip tomorrow. A nice little journey up to Siem Reap. We were headed for Battambang to get another little taste of the countryside, but with the weather so unpredictable we’re going straight to Siem Reap, with the option of going to Battambang from there. Several companies offer trips to, and around, Battambang for the day. We’ll stay in Siem Reap a few days before heading over the border into Thailand.


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