Day 8 – Chillout Day

Today is all about some much needed rest time. We’ve been on the go early every morning and full steam.

We had a lie in and decided to have a bit of a rest day. I hoped the weather would be nice so we could potter along the beach and just laze about in the sun with a drink, but no such luck. The rain fell heavily from 6.30 until lunch time. When it calmed we ventured out to scope the place out, but it all looked pretty dead. The bars had their tarpaulin walls down, stalls stacked and staff were nowhere to be seen.

I get the sense this would be an amazing place to stay in the dry season, but it’s not dry currently. The main dirt road is flooded, there are very few people and the shops are largely shut. It doesn’t really work without the good weather which is a real shame. I do wish I had visited Cambodia in the dry season, but what I have seen of the country so far has been incredible and I have no regrets at all. Sihanoukville and Otres Beach just seem to be totally reliant on the beach. The laid back atmosphere is very relaxing, but it just doesn’t feel like the Cambodia I’ve seen. The only people here really are westerners and some workers. This isn’t the real Cambodia that I met and fell in love with, but good to see in the interest of getting the whole picture and well worth a visit if you want a bit of a beach vacation. It’s nice to know Cambodia has this kind of option too, and hopefully as it becomes more popular, it will bring more tourism and money in to the area.

We would leave tomorrow but we are waiting for our clothes to be laundered after our jungle adventure. But we will be heading north to Battambang, potentially via Phnom Penh, depending on our travel options.

Nothing much exciting today, just a pause and reset day.


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