The 30 Hour Journey to Cambodia

Today was a long, long day. Up at 5.30am, train at 6.30, first flight from Gatwick to Dubai at 10am, landing at 8pm local time. 

We then had a quick stopover, leaving Dubai for Bangkok at 10.30pm. We finally arrived in Bangkok at 8am local time, absolutely knackered after 2 hours sleep. We had to get all of our gear and transfer airports in order to get our next flight to Cambodia. We were both running on empty at this point and a 1 ½ hour bus shuttle through busy Bangkok almost finished us! I had a quick nap in the departures lounge (and then on anything that remained still for long enough) before checking our bags back in and getting ready for our final flight.
Arriving in Cambodia it was hot and humid but not raining. We’re pretty lost in Phnom Penh but the trees are so green due to recent rainfall and everyone is busying  about so fast! We hopped in a tuc tuc and headed to our hotel where we have just had a glorious shower and flopped on the bed. We’ll head out for food in a sec. More to come tomorrow, we’re going to figure this place out a little.


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